Company background

Buckeye Business Solutions & Investments Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2010 in Singapore as diversified services company to support Aviation and Marine industries. The span of services for these target sectors included business development, sourcing and IT services.

Since then we have diversified into a wider set of sectors offering business development and consulting services for our clients to harness digital disruption in their sectors.

Currently we are poised to focus on developing new product lines to leverage the opportunities offered by Big Data and IOT to transform how business is conducted. The target sectors include shipping, logistics, aerospace.

Our purpose

We are passionate about solving problems. We are driven by empathy for our customer’s needs. We want to create a impact for our customer and hence their stakeholders – customers, investors and communities – through our services.


Our vision is to be an innovative solutions provider in the shipping, logistics and aerospace industry.

BUCKEYE is inspired from the sharp eye of the buck or antelope. It represents the keen eye and expertise we bring for identifying opportunities and potential risks, to help our customers to grow, transform and thrive.

How will we achieve that?

  • We will turn customer centricity and superior customer insight into our competitive advantage to provide the right advice to our customers
  • By building a team of commercial and strategic experts who understand the customers business
  • and by providing niche technology solutions, by building or investing in technology companies in the target industries